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Oncologist in the Hot Seat

Dr. Muriel Brackstone

Nomination Statement by Kalan Lynn

I have had the privilege of working for Dr. Muriel Brackstone for just over 7 years (and going!) as her breast cancer research coordinator and believe that if anyone is deserving of being nominated as mentor of the month, it is her. Like many surgeons, Muriel is often juggling the numerous roles and responsibilities that are involved when practicing at an academic institution; formal teaching at Western University, performing her duties as director of the Breast Care Centre, managing a breast cancer research unit and the London Tumour Biobank, and raising four children. Despite her unimaginably demanding schedule, Dr. Brackstone ensures to make herself available for help, leadership, and advocating for others while allowing those she mentors (such as her residents and research team) to have the autonomy needed to grow and learn. She is a true leader that does not believe in micromanaging. Her personable and casual personality coupled with her motivation to continually improve and remain at the forefront of breast research with new trials and collaborations is contagious to me personally. It is because of her that I can honestly wake up every day and brag about how much I love my job!

About Dr. Muriel Brackstone

Dr. Brackstone obtained her medical degree from Western University, as well as a Master’s degree in Neuroscience, another Master’s degree in Clinical Epidemiology and a PhD in Clinical Trials through the department of Pathology. She completed her general surgery residency training at Western University and a fellowship in breast surgical oncology through the University of Toronto.

Dr. Brackstone is a professor of surgery and oncology at Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. In 2020, Dr. Brackstone was the first female surgeon promoted to full professor in Western University’s history. She remains an executive member of the Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Group, Cancer Care Ontario's breast disease site team, and the international NRG Oncology clinical trials group.

A renowned clinician and researcher, Dr. Brackstone initiated the Canadian locally advanced breast cancer consortium for national initiatives in advanced breast cancer treatment and is the lead author on a number of national clinical guideline documents for breast cancer care. She also spearheaded and is Director of London’s first tumour biobank, which provides scientists across the city with access to patient tumour samples and blood in order to test their theories, develop their imaging tools and translate discoveries into new treatment.

Dr. Brackstone is Director of Western University’s Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Fellowship. She is also co-founder of the Oncoplastic Partnership Workshop, Canada’s first hands-on oncoplastic surgery course for practicing general surgeons across the country, offering several courses per year.

Most recently, Dr. Brackstone was awarded the James IV Travelling Fellowship by the James IV Association of Surgeons. The travelling fellowship is a prestigious award with only one being available in Canada each year. It is designed to promote communication and collaboration in the surgical community. Travellers are both ambassadors representing their home countries, and conduits for the dissemination of knowledge.

Dr. Brackstone has a busy clinical practice of surgical oncology with a primary focus in breast cancer as well as a general surgery practice, with four young children at home.

Recent News

This Doctor’s Bringing Free COVID-19 Testing And Telehealth Services To Underserved Communities

By Brianne Garrett

"That platform prioritizes residents in underserved communities who are affected by the pandemic. A much needed service considering coronavirus has been disproportionately affecting black and brown communities across the U.S., in part because of a lack of healthcare resources."

To learn more about Dr. Nana Afoh Manin and her telehealth platform check out this link: https://bit.ly/35HojKC

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Cancer: The Emperor of all Maladies - Documentary Film

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