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Book Recommendation

Physicians as Leaders: Who, How and Why Now?

By: Mindi K McKenna

McKenna answers the demand for information on physician leadership and the rapid growth in dual MD/MBA degrees. Topics include exploring leadership, physician leadership pathways and outcomes, stepping stones for successful leadership, becoming a compelling physician leader, and tools for assessing and enhancing effectiveness.


Louise Provencher MD, M.A., FRCSC

Surgical Oncologist, Centre Hospitalier Affilié Universitaire de Québec (CHA), Hôpital du St–Sacrement Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Université Laval

Why is Dr. Louise Provencher the Successful Mentor of the Month for August?

Dr. Provencher is an extremely decorated clinician in Canada. The latest being the Collège des médecins du Québec (CMQ) presented its 2012 Award of Excellence to Dr. Louise Provencher, an oncology surgeon, "to recognize her exceptional work over the past 30 years with women with breast cancer".

Dr. Julie Lemieux, a medical oncologist at Hôpital St-Sacrement du Centre Hospitalier affilié nominated Dr. Provencher for Mentor of the Month for June. Her experiences are outlined below:

"Inspiring! She cares about all aspects of patient experience of breast cancer and fights for her patients to have access to the highest standard of care. She believes in clinical research and offers the best opportunities of treatment for her patients. Despite her high load of clinical and administrative duties, she keeps up to date and practice evidence-based medicine. She is passionate about her patients but also about her family, that she is very proud of. Her energy and her constant research for high quality care makes her a model for many young and not so young clinicians!"

Dr. Provencher is truly an amazing role model for many oncologists. Congratulations Dr. Provencher on your success. We thank you so much for being a part of our community and inspiring current and future clinicians.

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Social Media and Oncology: Opportunity with Risk

By: DL Graham - Am Soc Clin Oncol Ed Book, 2011 - asco.org


Social Media and Oncology: Opportunity with Risk was presented at ASCO 2011. It looked through a brief history of social medias’ development, benefits and possible risks.

Overview: Social networking and social media are activities enlarging in scope for the practice of medicine in the current day. Social networks are made of groups of individuals tied by some type of interdependency, including friendship, common interests, and dissemination of knowledge. Social media arose in the context of social networks but have dramatically expanded in scope and reach.


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